Just 20 euros save a child

Unfortunately, many governments in Africa still do not manage to ensure the supply and education of the population. As a result, millions of children go hungry and millions more are unable to attend school or receive vocational training.

In Tanzania, our learning center is located in the poorest part of Dar es Salaam, a city of 8 million people. The local team makes sure that as many children as possible have enough to eat and get an education.



Would you like to support this vital work? It is very easy to help:

20 euros a month will ensure that a child has enough to eat and can go to school.
40 euros a month is needed for young people in secondary school.
70 euros a month is the cost of vocational training at a college.
100 euros a month is the cost of attending university.

Stiftung „Jugend fördern – Grenzen überspringen“
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In their free time, we work with the young people at the Manzese Learning Center. From there we also start tree planting campaigns. With liaison teachers, a group has been formed at each school to water the trees and take care of them. Here is an overview of the locations and scholarships (as of the end of 2022):


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