Trip to Tanzania 2023


In the article "Why are we ging to Africa?" we reflected on the relationship between Africa and Europe. This year we managed to go to Tanzania again with six young adults for a learning mission. We describe our daily tasks and encounters here.




Mission statement and history

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the foundation "Promoting Youth - Leaping Borders" is to give as many young people as possible the opportunity of an education, so that they can help to build a new world community with their strength, their talents, their hope, their faith and their love. No young person should have to go hungry or not be able to go to school.

It is about supporting external needs such as food, clothing, housing and work as well as promoting internal necessities such as schooling, intellectual, spiritual, cultural and social education. Young people of different cultures and religions should meet each other and contribute to the development and strengthening of friendly relations between peoples and religions and thus to securing peace.

One example is St. Timothy. He was discovered and encouraged by the apostle Paul. Approached by him in his native Lystra, he was ready to set out with Paul for an uncertain future. He got to know different cultures and countries, traveled with Paul to Europe, suffered with him the dangers of travel and the persecutions of men, he went to prison with Paul. Timothy's courage can be an example to young people. Through his willingness, Timothy eventually became responsible for the church leadership of the Christians of Ephesus.



The foundation was established by Father Martin Rupprecht in 2002 on the occasion of his 10th anniversary as a priest. It sees itself as an individual aid opportunity and a supplement to the large aid organizations.


In 2021, a branch office was established in Dar es Salaam. This enables us to coordinate aid on the Ground.

Just 20 euros save a child

Unfortunately, many governments in Africa still do not manage to ensure the supply and education of the population. As a result, millions of children go hungry and millions more are unable to attend school or receive vocational training.

In Tanzania, our learning center is located in the poorest part of Dar es Salaam, a city of 8 million people. The local team makes sure that as many children as possible have enough to eat and get an education.



Would you like to support this vital work? It is very easy to help:

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Benefit concert for children in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Our foundation organized a benefit concert in favor of children in Ethiopia and Tanzania in the Rudolfsheim church. The reason was a topical one: The war in Ukraine and the Corona crisis had made us forget the need in Africa. But there, too, everything has become more expensive: by a factor of two to three! Families, who were doing quite well until now, have to go hungry. Children can no longer go to school because they are needed for work in the fields, or their parents cannot provide food.

The evening offered a musical mixture of countries in which the foundation was active. In between, there were contributions from children from Ethiopia and Tanzania.

The Wiener Bezirkszeitung wrote an excellent article about this. Here you can read it and watch video clips of the work.

Thanks to all donors!






The network expands and helps alleviate need

Father Moses Mgimiloko came to Vienna for doctoral studies. He is chaplain in the parish of St. Mother Teresa in Vienna. During his home leave, he practiced the song "God's Love is So Wonderful" with the children of his parish in Iringa, Tanzania.

"The children were enthusiastic about the German lyrics. Within one day they had learned the song by heart. With their voices we greet our parishes in Vienna and all friends worldwide!"

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The order of the day: Plant trees - Everywhere. As many as possible.

With our branch in Tanzania, we have already planted trees this spring. Every scholarship holder should plant a tree in front of his or her house. Now we want to expand this and have talked to the local government: they will provide the land. We are looking for sponsors, plant trees and take care of the watering and further maintenance. We want to motivate the children of the poor district to do something they can do without money.

We are looking for sponsors for trees. Everywhere. As many as possible.

You can also donate via

Stiftung „Jugend fördern – Grenzen überspringen“

LIGA Bank Regensburg
IBAN: DE43750903000001342800

Fr Martin Rupprecht

The Day of the African Child 2022

On the occasion of the Day of the African Child, our volunteers in Tanzania started two actions:

We visited a school for disabled children. We brought them many learning materials, planted trees with them and talked with the teachers about further cooperation.

With 250 children from the poor district of Manzese we went to the National Museum in Dar es Salaam. The children should see something different for once, learn about their own culture, watch a film about the national parks in their own country, have fun.

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