A letter to Tansania

In July 2021, Fr. Martin sent a letter to the committee and the protégés from the newly founded branch of the foundation.

Dear children, dear young people and families!
Dear committee of our foundation "Promoting Youth - Crossing Boundaries"!
Dear guests!

Praise be to God who created us all! Praise be to God who divided us into so many different languages, cultures, religions, countries, and continents. This is how we help each other! This is how we are curious about each other. This is how we can discover something new every day. Because we are so different, we can tell each other a lot about what brings us joy and about what worries us.

I greet you from far away Europe and wish you much joy in learning and discovering your talents!

That is the difficult and at the same time the beautiful thing: Each one of us has to find out what talent he or she has. Every child has to try out what it can or cannot do. Every child in the world has the right to go to school for it.

Our foundation "Promoting Youth – Crossing Boundaries" wants to help that many children and young people can go to school and get a proper education. You are now wearing the sign of our foundation on your shirt: There are young people who jump over the world. Full of joy and motivated to make the world more beautiful.

The name of our foundation comes from the prayer of the Bible from Psalm 18:30, which says: "With my God I leap over walls". God, who gave us the world, helps us in our efforts. Human labour and God's blessing come together.

I pray for you every day. Please remember me in your prayers too!

We are united,
Your Father Martin from Vienna in Austria, the neighbour country of Germany

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